Arrogance and Prejudice

Recently the surprised bias against China the  Western media hold greatly impressed me. One of their focuses is the so-called Tibet issue which they distorted in the partial perspective. Another is the preferred reports of deliberate disruption of the 2008 Olympic torch relay.
Without intent to comment on something about Tibet and Games, I find the top contributing factor in the Western evil attitudes towards China is arrogance. They are self-centered and believe them superior to the rest of the world in morals, values, beliefs and so on, only based on they are economically developed.
Rooted in the above arrogance, they are naturally educated to develop a kind of prejudice against some problems, especially against those developing nations. Those who are not in accord with their morals, values and beliefs are severely denounced.
When it comes to freedom, democracy and human rights, universally acknowledged originated from the Western, the majority of the nations believe they are what nations pursue. But it does not mean that every nation consents to accept all from the Western. That is to say, every nation would selectively learn the Western values, political systems and measures which are proved to be practical and suitable to their nations. It is up to them, not to the Western.
Frankly speak, some Western people always observe China through tainted glasses, and they are unwilling and uncomfortable to see the China’s rapid development. What they do is only to create hurdles for China’s development.
It is very disappointed and regrettable that nearly all of the Western leading media remain blind to what truly happened in Tibet, leaving the riots run rampant, in total disregard for the indispensably objective stance the independent news media should took, of which the Western people commonly take pride.
The Western media collectively also take the chance of the Olympic Games to be launched in August in China, with spare no efforts to darken China. The Games is a shared event for peace-loving people worldwide. So the deliberately violent disruption of the Olympic torch relay should be despicable, which tarnished the lofty Olympic spirit and defied people who love the games around the global.
The Chinese, who by instincts attack the wrongdoings by the Western media through the way of setting up the websites www.nationonline.com , www.anti-cnn.com and www.ourvoice.de to express their anger, are condemned by the Western people as the radical nationalism, and as the activities supported by the China’s government.
The Western media with bias knows little about China’s society. In fact, they show little interest in concerning about china, with exception of the negative happenings in China. On the contrary, the Chinese’s knowledge of the Western is far more than imagined.
In fact the Western even the whole world can enjoy the great benefits from the rising richer China, not the economically poorer and politically split China.
Tibetans are murdering innocent Chinese people just because they live there, yet there are still pro-Tibet demonstrations in western cities. It seems that they are FOR murder? And then the Chinese police arrive and try to stop the riots, get rocks thrown at them, some badly injured or killed, and the Western media says it is a "brutal crackdown"? Tell me, what would happen if riots like this happened in the USA? Oh wait, it DID happen, the 1992 Los Angeles riots are one. AND the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle. And did the police come in riot gear and start shooting tear gas and rubber bullets? YES. And was this called a brutal crackdown? NO. We have a word for them: hypocrites. And they moan about human rights. Yet even now the people who are native to the American continent - Native Americans - are a minority. Their culture has been destroyed and they were herded like sheep into reservations. The USA invaded Iraq because God told George Bush to get more oil, and now look, millions of INNOCENT Iraqi people have been killed. Also the British Empire had millions of slaves and "colonised" (invaded) countries. What's funny is that there are people waving around Tibetan flags in London but they don't even know the whole story. They are ignorant, they think what they are doing is right but of course they don't know the truth of some Tibetan's disgusting actions because of the bias in the media. (This paragraph was contributed by Davetnt, UK)
What I said above is not aimed to argue in favor of what China do, but to express my views of the unjust treatments exerted by the Western upon China. There is no doubt that many fields of the current China leave something to be desired, for example, the social injustices, the human rights, and the official corruptions etc. But China is making great endeavors to tackle them step by step.
The mutual understandings between the Western and China is of vital interests to both two sides and to the whole world. However it is two sides not one that take the great and arduous responsibilities for fostering and deepening the dialogues. Its reason lies in one coin has two sides.
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